Why do people who live in Seattle, Tacoma, North Bend and Poulsbo choose to have a home inspection?

home_page_house The Reason To Choose A Home Inspector 

Most people who are wise choose a home inspection because that is the only way to accurately identify specific items in the home that need to be addressed. Whether it be a newly constructed home, a one-year home warranty home, or a home that is in it’s prime, there is great need to have that home inspected. We are also commercial inspectors. We are certified scuba divers/inspectors. We inspect foundations and piers underwater as well as commercial buildings.

Why Does One Need A Home Inspection?

Having your house inspected is not only a choice based on logic, it is a choice based on emotions. Home buying is a very emotional time, going from elation to worry and concern. The only way to alleviate those concerns is by delving into the issues that need to be taken care of, and having a plan of action. For peace of mind, a home inspection is absolutely necessary.

For a home that is ready to move-in without problems, or before selling a home, or before the end of a warranty, a home inspection is absolutely necessary. You can be sure Rinehart Inspection Services will walk you through the house in Seattle or other cities like a walking seminar, indicating areas that need improvement, as well as educating you on how the components in your home work.


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Being a multi-inspector firm, our company has over 15 years experience, is licensed, a past member of ASHI, and licensed . . .

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The report contains a separate summary of action items that need to be addressed that can be faxed or e-mailed the same day.

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Our staff consists of 3 inspectors, an office administrator, and an administrative assistant. As past members of ASHI . . .

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What Our Clients Think About Us

It was a pleasure chatting with you during the inspection, I appreciate you taking the extra time spent with me to explain in detail the report. I’m sure in a few weeks I may need to have a follow up call to clarify a detail or two. I am very glad I called you and your fellow employees, as I believe you have done an exceptional job, and have plenty of experience. Jim Merryman 1/22/16
Jim Merryman
I just wanted to say we loved working with Meri today. She was so helpful and knowledgable. She put us at ease as 1st time home buyers. Thank you for all your help.
Ashley & Chris Perry 1/20/16
Ashley & Chris Perry
Thank you for doing a great job. Meri was very thorough on the inspection she performed in March 2014 at the home near Lake Meridian. George has always done a great job on the inspections I have viewed. All the Best to you,
Kathi Nowak Coldwell Banker Bain 5/2/14
Kathi Nowak
Thanks George!
I shared your email coupon ($100 off) w/my buyers and let them choose between you..and 2 other fabulous inspectors i have used for years. In the spirit of never “steering” a client…i encourage them to call, interview..and then choose the one they most connect with. Well..they choose you..and Meri was phenomenal! My buyers were thrilled to have both their parents at the inspection..and they ALL asked Meri a ton of questions for 4 straight hours! =)

She answered everyone..and they loved her! As a Broker..i was very impressed with her knowledge, professional attitude and just plain kindness! The report was delivered right away..and it was in a format that was easy to read, and use for our inspection response addendum. I look forward to working together..again, and again in the busy..abundant and blessed new year! Truly,
Carlene 1/29/13